(Rosa arvensis)





Winter twig
Winter twig

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The alternate leaves have 5-7 leaflets, 10-35 mm long which have saw-edged marginal teeth and are often hairy on the main vein beneath. Large, leafy stipules which run up the leaf stalks, are about  10 mm long (see photograph).

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Field-rose is a deciduous shrub, up to 2 m in height which spreads by suckering and putting out slender arching stems into woodland and woodland margins. It also grows along hedges on neutral, lime-rich and heavy clay soils.

The long scrambling stems are often purple-tinged and carry slender, only slightly curved, prickles on a base about 5 mm long.

The white, 5-petalled flowers are 3-5 cm across, appear in clusters of 1-6 and open in June and July. The styles in the centre of the flower are joined together into a slender column, which persists on the small, red hip.


  • The hips are a favourite food of birds in winter.

  • The leaflets may be attacked by gall midges, which fold them upwards, so that the paler underside is visible.

  • Caterpillars of the Small Quaker Moth feed on the leaflets.

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